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November 25, 2009 by Willy Cardoso

One of the things that I have advocated the most recently, in the workshops given at English in the Office, is the diversion from grammar-led teaching and structural syllabi, and a conversion to real learner-centeredness and communicative approaches.

I find it: a hard row to hoe, or if you prefer: a though nut to crack.

Is it because it’s easier for non-native teachers who probably learnt English this way? (through heavy grammar)

Is it because the coursebooks are all grammar-driven, even when they say they are not? (this is not really an excuse, but I didn’t want to ask just one question)

Or what? Maybe if you’re reading this you can give me an answer. (and a solution…)

Scott Thornbury has some answers, very good ones. READ  Is there life after grammar? I totally agree with what he says. However, his perspective is inserted in a very different context, nothing brazilian-teacher-like.

In Why does my teacher make me learn English grammar words? Alex Case, who is a very good writer in my opinion, gives some poor excuses for doing it. Didn’t convince me this time. (He usually does)

In the meantime I’ll get my Murphy’s grammar book and photocopy some neat present perfect exercises.



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