11 Old Questions for the New Year


January 9, 2011 by Willy Cardoso

I chose some 2010’s questions from this blog that could be both a year in review kind of thing and a kick off to 2011’s musings.

(the fact that there are 11 questions is a mere coincidence)


1. What are the conditions for emergence in the EFL/ESOL classroom, how can these be identified, developed, supported and sustained?

2. How can teachers cope with unpredictability and modify plans in the light of emergent information?

in Dogme Challenge #2 – Emergence


3. What’s the use of tech when so many people can’t even think critically why they’re in a classroom?

4. Teaching is already full of desirables, but what are really the essentials?

in To tech or not to tech? that’s a silly question


5. How to increase students’ awareness of what is good teaching and bad teaching? Whose notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are we talking about?

in Twitter Talking Time flying out of the NEST


6. Do you think teacher trainers/educators/developers are in the best position to change whatever there is to be changed and at the same time they are very able to retard progress once they function also as the bridge between research and practice?

in something about teacher training, common sense and Newton… I guess


7. Could we ever allow the individual to take full control and responsibility over their learning? Choosing when, how, what, where, with whom and the neglected IF – they’re going to learn.

in The objective subjectivity of RESPECT

8. Isn’t there more to teaching than just teaching?

in Can you handle this?


9. How to teach one of the most complex things human beings created, language, to THE most complex being of our time, bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo Sapiens, by using deterministic/reductionist/positivist informed methods? (imagine a BIG question mark here)

in Chaos, Complexity and a Bunch of Questions.


10. Do you, the teacher, demonstrate the level of learning you expect your students to have?

in 9 Steps to Prevent Learning


11. Do you think someone can really teach another person how to teach?

in Do you think someone can really teach another person how to teach?


That’s it, a very modest first post of the year. As usual, feel free to comment… Those might be “old” questions but ones that are never fully answered.

Hey, thanks for coming! Hope you keep coming back in 2011 and that we can exchange ideas more often!

Best wishes



2 thoughts on “11 Old Questions for the New Year

  1. Malu Sciamarelli says:

    Hey, Willy!
    How are you doing?

    Well, they may be “old” questions, but I’m sure it’s a pretty good way to start thinking about our teaching right now at the beginning of the year, before another term starts.
    Thanks! Just what I needed to read today!


    (I’m not quite sure if you remember me, I met you at Braz-Tesol in July)

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