Hire the right people. But who are they?


May 11, 2011 by Willy Cardoso

It was great to discuss, debate and learn about the diploma-tic situation I presented a post ago. My big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.

I’d like to move on a bit in the discussion, mainly after Candy said:

“…someone who is clearly keen, autonomous and self-driven, should be welcomed with open arms to replace those who are apathetic and complacent – qualifications notwithstanding”

While I was digesting the whole load of views on the topic, I came across the video below.


Based on its huge success, Facebook clearly has an effective recruitment system, and one that is apparently loose from traditional hiring processes. In order to hire the right people, Zuckerberg mentions they mainly look for:

– Raw intelligence

– Ability to adapt and learn quickly

– Alignment with company’s goals – believing

He adds that the best people he hired didn’t have much experience – but were smart and willing.

One of the arguments of the old school, explicitly or not, is that without a formal declaration of ability it is hard to evaluate  job applicants. In order words, employers need a guarantee that the person is ready for the job, this guarantee is believed to come in paper form, acquired via formal instruction and formal supervised practice.    (okay, I know this is getting repetitive, but that’s not the point this time)

My questions then are:

How can we attest those traits mentioned by Candy, Zuckerberg and certainly many others? Both as employers and as employees (also: recruiters and candidates).

Is it possible or desirable that these soft-skills become equivalent in importance to the established notion of technical, sometimes mechanical, expertise?



3 thoughts on “Hire the right people. But who are they?

  1. Alan Tait says:

    I’ve been recruited a) purely based on my paper trail, and b) purely on a conversation over a cappuccino. I know which I’d rely on myself.

  2. […] Once again this emerged from one of Willy Cardoso’s posts.  We’re clearly in the same zone somewhere…. https://authenticteaching.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/hire-the-right-people-but-who-are-they/ […]

  3. David Warr says:

    Great post, Willy, especially finding the videos for us to watch. Thank you very much indeed.

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