the teacher and the self


May 16, 2011 by Willy Cardoso

Why don’t we take a break from ‘research shows’ and ‘study reveals’ until we understand ourselves better ?   forget the ‘expert said’

Do I know how I learn? why I think what I think, why those judgments, repulsion, and joy come when they come?

how did I fail to communicate something that was so obvious in my head?

how did I make that bored student smile and that shy one feel more confident to speak up? how did I do that?

Why do I still fear those situations I’ve lived 100 times?

Why do I still fear those situations I’ve never lived?

how about my intuition? … integral part of my success… or unsuccess.

Is there a degree in self-awareness?

A diploma in self-expression?

A master’s in self-perception?


 Teach your self – Learn your self


5 thoughts on “the teacher and the self

  1. dingtonia says:

    Willy, this is something that is beginning to occupy me a lot – the “black art” of teaching. How DID you make that shy student confident? Is it truly something you can define/express/put into a box and sell?

    • was this some sort of inductive grammar correction? your: how DID, counter my dreadful editing skills (as opposed to grammaticality) which generated a ‘how did I made’ in the original post – if so, the black art of just saying what the problem is overtly would’ve been more successful. If not, I’m sorry – but it’s still a good example :-))

      Answering you question: I think I can define it, as far as my perception of the event allows me to, and then I will hopefully see how my perception has limits and how incomplete it is; then I can work on that, I can use literature, research, twitter, whatever, I can even philosophy in the bathroon – but out of necessity rather than because it’s there or in case of research more specifically because it’s an ‘authority’ or ‘expert’, ’empirical’ …these funny labels, you know, that makes teaching a prescriptive activity.

      I don’t know how much of it I can sell – if I find the right buyers, maybe yeah, I can sell it.

  2. You said:
    “Why do I still fear those situations I’ve lived 100 times?”

    For me that one is: why do I still get nightmare before every school year begins, even after 25 years…

    Short of going to therapy, blogging really helps me become more self-aware. Hmm, there may be a blog-post on nightmares next August!

    • I love dreams and nightmares – will wait for that post.
      Scott has a nice post, maybe something like D os for Dreams. -some nice stories there.

      Blogging does help me a lot, sometimes I think I do it more for self-ish things than for sharing. But then I also see that sharing is also a way of becoming self-aware. Full-circle.

  3. Thanks for pointing the way to D is for Dreams – BIG topic for me!

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